In 2015-2017, the STEM Schools Working Group aimed to identify and recognize STEM schools across the District. 


  • To improve access and equality regarding high quality STEM focused schools
  • To provide support for STEM schools
  • To prepare students capable of success in other STEM schools, STEM majors, and STEM careers


  1. STEM Schools self-identified via STEM School Questionnaire
  2. DC STEM Network verified STEM School status through
    • Classroom observations
    • Teacher and student interviews
    • Letters of support from partners
  3. DC STEM Network recognized STEM Schools
    • Verified STEM Schools will be listed on DC STEM Network website
    • Formal announcement of STEM Schools at DC STEM Summit
    • Targeted support and resources from the DC STEM Network

The DC STEM Network is excited to transition this project to the DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education to sustain the work.

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