Each year the DC STEM Network, together with OSSE, hosts a STEM Summit which brings together education, industry, policy, and community leaders to learn about the state of STEM in the District, participate in interactive STEM experiences, and explore partnership opportunities that will increase access to high-quality STEM learning opportunities for students in the District of Columbia. The 2018 DC STEM Summit, “Engage and Elevate,” will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2018, 8 a.m.-2:30 p.m. at the Gallaudet University Kellogg Conference Center.

Connect and engage with partners before, during, and after the summit using our DC STEM Summit Media Toolkit.

Breakout sessions throughout the day will be focused on the topic strands below.  The full summit program may be viewed here.

Strand 1: The State of STEM Pre-K through Grade 8: This strand will highlight current in-school STEM spaces and activities for DC students, including features of signature STEM programs at schools in the District that can be adapted by other schools, research and best practices for engaging students in STEM, and capacity-building strategies for STEM across the whole school and subject areas.

Strand 2: STEM Leaders for Today and Tomorrow: This strand will highlight current and potential out-of-school time STEM spaces and activities for DC students, including innovative out-of-school time models that extend STEM-focused activities to underrepresented populations and groups on non-traditional pathways, as well as collaborative models that use parent engagement to increase support for students’ intentional involvement in out-of-school time STEM activities.

Strand 3: City of the Future: Developing the STEM Workforce: This strand will focus on our vision of a STEM-infused DC where DC students become our STEM workforce. Sessions will highlight partnerships that help DC learners develop the skills and attributes needed to successfully enter STEM jobs, opportunities to improve DC students’ STEM industry career awareness, and collaborations that bridge pre-K through grade 12 STEM options to training pathways and workforce opportunities.

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