In 2016, the Network formed 5 working groups that completed the following projects:

  1. Family FAQ Sheets – working group members created a parent FAQ or look-for sheet for STEM programs in or out-of-school in different grade bands.
  2. STEM improvement plans- working group members will train teachers and administrators to complete STEM improvement plans, and follow up with resources.
  3. STEM School Recognition-working group members will adopt a STEM School taxonomy and rubric, and create a system of STEM School recognition for DC.
  4. Professional Development Tools Working Group– working group members created Formal and Informal STEM Education Core Indicators of Quality, Information Exchange to Inform STEM PD Selection and Design, Best Practices in STEM Professional Development: Self-Assessment and Resource Links, and a Post-PD Feedback Tool.
  5. Computer Science-working group members will create a vision for Computer Science in the District.


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