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Resource Type(s): Competitions, Lesson Plans, Professional Development, STEM in schools

Grade Band: Elementary, Middle School

Subject(s): Science

You Be The Chemist Essential Elements℠ workshop is a free professional development opportunity offered through the Chemical Educational Foundation® (CEF). Essential Elements workshops are for K-8 educators – our “essential elements” in education – who are interested in teaching chemistry concepts through hands-on learning and connecting those concepts to students’ everyday lives. Essential Elements is based on the 5E constructivist learning cycle approach to teaching, which allows students to build their own understanding of new concepts from both old ideas and their own experiences.

During an Essential Elements workshop, an instructor will lead educators through a full 5E learning cycle utilizing exciting lessons from CEF’s Activity Guides and educators will have time to collaborate and plan their own activities. The three-hour workshop can be adapted for any group of educators and CEF will provide all of the materials, including a flash drive loaded with 50+ simple and fun activities for educators to bring to their learners. Fill out an online inquiry form to request a workshop in your area.

If you would like to bring an Essential Elements workshop to your community please fill out our online inquiry form.

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