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Resource Type(s): Common Core Math, Curriculum, Lesson Plans, Next Generation Science Standards, On-site, Program, STEM in schools, STEM Schools

Grade Band: Middle School

Subject(s): Environmental Science, Math, Science, Technology

STEMhero is a bilingual, web-based curriculum enhancementstemhero for 6th-8th graders in which students learn to collect and analyze data directly from their home and/or school’s utility meters, then engineer and test real-world solutions to save water and energy. STEMhero is aligned to NGSS Human Impacts, Earth and Human Activity, and Engineering Design standards, as well as ELA-Literacy and Math Common Core State Standards at the middle school level. The program is flexible, cross-curricular, and statistically proven to increase student interest in STEM coursework and feelings of collective efficacy. It can be implemented in as little as 2 weeks to supplement existing curricula, or as long as 1 year to construct a rich dataset and/or citizen science project.

Please contact us if you need help covering the costs of a STEMhero subscription! We work with utility and corporate partners to make the program affordable to all schools. School-wide and district-wide pricing is also available.


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