For: Community Partners, School Administrators, Teachers

Resource Type(s): STEM Schools

Grade Band: Elementary, High School, Middle School

Subject(s): Engineering, Math, Science, Technology


The STEM School Study (S3) seeks to understand the landscape of inclusive STEM high schools across the United States. S3 examines how STEM schools define themselves, the strategies they use, and the student experience.

In recent years, many states and schools have embraced a STEM focus. However, there is much debate and uncertainty about what a STEM school is. This study seeks to develop a clear, comprehensive understanding of inclusive STEM schools across the nation, as well as how the various strategies and methods employed by these schools can relate to real student outcomes.


  • The 8 Elements common to STEM schools and how they are enacted by S3 schools.
  • The 78 components that make up STEM schools. These components are the concrete ways that members of STEM schools and their communities work to reach the schools’ goals.
  • The STEM School Roadmap is an interactive visual that demonstrates how the components that comprise the 8 STEM school Elements work together to realize student success.
  • The most essential components of each individual school in the study.
  • The broader definition of STEM in schools.
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