For: Teachers

Resource Type(s): Professional Development

Grade Band: Elementary, High School

Subject(s): Environmental Science, Science

Our climate is changing rapidly, and now more than ever we need to be ready to act and prepare the next generation to do the same.

This course explores the basic science behind climate change and presents the tools to teach it in a positive, engaging and participatory way. The course also introduces some of the ethical and social issues around climate change.

This is a hands-on course that makes use of videos, lesson plans and online games developed by the IDB’s “Rise-Up: Education Against Climate Change” initiative with examples coming directly from Latin America and the Caribbean. It is intended to assist elementary and high-school teachers or teachers-in-training in the launch of climate change education and actions to mitigate and adapt to climate change in their school community.

This course takes places over 7 weeks, for 3-4 hours per week. There is a $25 fee for a verified certificate, or you may study for free. Please visit the website for more information and registration.

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