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Introducing our students to engineering is a national need.  Most students love to be creative and to connect academics to the real world….this is what engineers do while making technologies that solve serious world problems.  The UConn School of Engineering is holding its 18th annual daVinci Project.   It is a weeklong (Mon-Fri) residential series of hands-on workshops for middle and high school science and math teachers. This year it’s being held July 10-14

Teachers live on campus and participate in one of 10 very engaging workshops, as well as many other seminars, a variety tours through research labs, our state of the art water reclaim and wastewater facilities, and our CoGen plant.  Come and be part of an exciting week of exploration!  We have 31 fellowships available. Workshop links below.

  1. Understanding Pain: Sensory and emotional stimulus to your brain 2 fellowships available
  2. Bioinformatics: Using Computer Science to Understand Life – 3 fellowships available
  3. Air Quality and Health: Building an Air Pollution Measurement Device with an Arduino® 2 fellowships available
  4. Monitoring and Maintaining Stream Health in a Developed Watershed2 fellowships available
  5. Topology Optimization: A computational technique for design of 3D-printed parts – 2 fellowships available
  6. Low Cost Solar Cells5 fellowships available
  7. Basic Arduino® Programming for STEM Projects 3 fellowships available
  8. Mathematical Optimization with Applications to Smart Grid and Intelligent Buildings10 fellowships available
  9. Fuel Cell: Construction and Operation
  10. Robots: Use in Industry and Elderly Assistance2 fellowships available

Online Applications can be found at:


Deadline for Registration: June 16, 2017

If you have questions or need further information please contact us at or 860-486-5536.

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