For: Teachers

Resource Type(s): Curriculum, Lesson Plans, Next Generation Science Standards, STEM in schools

Grade Band: High School, Middle School

Subject(s): physical science, Science is a next generation science education platform that re-imagines how interactive simulations can be a driver of teaching and learning. With a large and growing bank of interactives and assessments, spread across biology, physics, and chemistry; Prepmagic not only connects abstract STEM concepts to real world experiences, but also allows teachers to create custom interactive lessons and formative assessments. offers:
1) 300+ and growing Standards aligned (NGSS) interactives across Middle and High School Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
2) Curriculum Standards Explorer Tool (NGSS) to easily identify the necessary interactives.
3) 350+ interactive questions aligned to Depth of Knowledge framework (Level 2, 3 and 4) for helping build problem solving skills.
4) Customization tool to tailor simulations specifically to the core content as well as add formative assessments.

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