For: Students

Resource Type(s): Summer Programs

Grade Band: High School

Subject(s): Science

Experience has shown that simply exposing high school students to weather/atmospheric science is not the best way to lead them toward viable atmospheric science careers. Many individuals in the weather industry were motivated by a personal experience with weather that left a lasting impression ultimately influencing their career path.

Nevertheless, many talented students of more recent generations of students (Gen Y, Gen Z, etc.) are making career choices based on far different factors. Additionally, the landscape for such careers is rapidly changing. No longer are severe and general weather forecasters the future of atmospheric science. Instead, climate change, weather dissemination, public policy decisions, air and water quality problem solving, energy and water resource planning, and insurance issues are moving to the forefront. Thus, to realistically direct students toward future atmospheric science careers, our weather camps have to refocus and key on Channeling Atmospheric Research into Educational Experiences Reaching Students – CAREERS.

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