BluePath Labs is a DC-based startup focused on identifying, developing, and applying disruptive technologies for government and commercial clients. They are interested in bringing our previous work in creating and implementing the first additive manufacturing (3D printing) challenge in the world to support the STEM pipeline in the District. These challenges would support the implementation of NSF curriculum guidelines to enhance workforce development and training efforts in the District.

This challenge would allow students to learn the core skills of coding, engineering, computer-aided design, robotics/mechatronics, manufacturing, and art. BluePath wants to create and implement public-private partnerships to teach critical science, technology, and design skills through challenged-based learning from K-12. An initial step could be an extracurricular club activity the junior high level as an entry point and expanding to high school where the key skills in computer-aided design and fabrication would be learned by the students.

The educational outcomes include but not limited to:
– Assessing areas of strengths and in STEM learning
– Identifying areas of improvement
– Workforce Development of NSF-recognized core skills for STEM careers
– In 2014 & 2-15, Virginia Tech students were hired on the spot for internships and/or interviewed for full-time positions.
– Access and discussions with scientists, engineers, and program managers from National Labs, DoD Labs, Air Force, Army, Navy S&T Organizations, NASA, Department of Homeland Security, SAIC, Northrup Grumman, TechShop, 3D System, Stratsys, and SURVICE Engineering.


K-12 Additive Manufacturing Innovation Challenges
POC: Dominic Ju, Principal, BluePath Labs

Objective: Find stakeholders, champions and initial pilot funding for a project-based, multi-disciplinary application of STEM learning to solve real-world challenges.

What are our students capable of (11:00)?

Project examples of our previous work:

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