For: Parents, School Administrators, Students, Teachers

Resource Type(s): Lesson Plans, STEM in schools

Grade Band: Middle School

Subject(s): Engineering, Environmental Science, Science, Technology

The overall goal of the iTree Lessons is for students to use i-Tree software to design a possible solution to a real world, place-based problem. This links directly to the Middle School Engineering Design standard within NGSS. The problem that the students identify is increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere contributes to climate change. Using i-Tree, they have the ability to design a tree planting plan as one possible way to reduce carbon. Students also look at their personal carbon footprint to understand how fossil fuel consumption increases atmospheric carbon. The unit culminates with students writing a scientific report to propose a tree planting plan for their school. Then teachers have the option to partner with Casey Trees’ School Tree Planting program to actually plant the trees.

The unit consists of an Introduction and 8 lessons that can all be downloaded using Google Drive. Each one comes with a Teacher lesson plan, Powerpoint presentation and a Lab Journal, which also serves as an assessment tool.

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