For: Community Partners, School Administrators, Teachers

Resource Type(s): STEM Schools

Grade Band: High School

Subject(s): Engineering, Math, Science, Technology


iSTEM is the first large-scale controlled longitudinal study of the impacts of inclusive STEM high schools in the United States. The study’s focus is on the extent to which inclusive STEM high schools contribute to improved academic outcomes, interests in STEM careers, and expectations for post secondary study. The research engages in implementation research to examine the elements of the STEM schools’ design and implementation and other contextual factors, including state policies, which are associated with superior outcomes.

The research uses a quasi-experimental study design to investigate the effects of attending an inclusive STEM high school, and compares outcomes for students in these schools with those of their counterparts attending other types of schools in the same states. The study includes all students in the 9th or 12th grade in the inclusive STEM high schools and students in samples of same-state comparison schools.

Click here to view the iSTEM findings.

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