For: Out-of-School Time, Teachers

Resource Type(s): Curriculum, Lesson Plans

Grade Band: Middle School

Subject(s): Engineering, Environmental Science, Math, Science, Technology

Engineering Everywhere (EE)everywhere is an engineering curriculum for middle-school-aged youth in afterschool and camp programs. The intriguing engineering challenge empowers youth to tackle real-world engineering problems using the Engineering Design Process along with creativity and collaboration. The topics cover remote sensing, water reuse, pandemic response, bioplastics, vertical farms, safety helmets and more!

The research and evaluation team tests each curriculum unit in both afterschool and camp programs to make sure our activities work well in either environment. Each unit undergoes a rigorous pilot test and evaluation to make sure that it meets the stated educational goals, that it’s fun, and that both children and educators find it engaging. The curriculum units are flexible and easy to integrate into your program.

Each unit comes with supporting materials:

  • Helpful background information
  • “Suggested questions” that help you interact positively with youth as you push their engineering thinking to the next level!
  • Online resources, including engaging, context-setting audio and video segments

Positive benefits for youth:

  • Each unit focuses on a real-world problem
  • Activities encourage youth to share their own knowledge and experience
  • Youth work collaboratively in teams
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