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Grade Band: Elementary, High School, Middle School

Subject(s): Environmental Science, Science

This Spring, EcoRise Youth Innovations will select 10 public schools in/around Washington D.C. for participation in a pilot of the EcoRise Sustainable Intelligence program, currently being used at over 600 schools globally (including several public schools in and around Washington D.C.). Schools receive free, project-based, NGSS aligned K-12 curriculum and local teacher training. Additionally, each selected school may receive up to $3000 in grant funding in support of student designed green campus projects, public awareness campaigns, and innovations. Each campus identifies 1-3 teachers to participate in the program. The application deadline is May 31.  We’re also inviting prospective teachers to meet the EcoRise programming team (and current EcoRise teachers) on June 21st from4:30pm-6:30pm in Washington D.C. (location TBD). For more information read this document: EcoRise Overview.

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