For: Business and Industry, Community Partners, Parents, School Administrators, Teachers

Resource Type(s): Publication

Grade Band: Elementary, High School, Middle School

Subject(s): Computer Science, Technology

The “Diversity Gaps in Computer Science: Exploring the Underrepresentation of Girls, Blacks and Hispanics” report focuses exclusively on the K-12 CS experiences of African-American, female and hispanic students in the U.S. and provides specific recommendations for increasing their representation in computer science studies and the computing workforce. The report raises awareness about the structural and social barriers for the target groups in computer science, based upon a holistic assessment, surveying students, parents, teachers, principals, and superintendents.

These minority students face structural and social barriers which have far-reaching implications for these groups in computer science. In order to address these problems the report focuses on 5 main topics:

  • Computer Science Learning
  • Exposure to Technology
  • Interest and Confidence in Learning Computer Science
  • Views of Computer Science
  • Perceived Reasons for Underrepresentation of Certain Groups in Computer Science

The report provides recommendations for parents and educators to increase the engagement of women, African-Americans and Hispanics in computer science as well as highlighting recommendations for organizations to provide content for mobile devices that encourages the target groups to consider computer science.

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