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Resource Type(s): Equipment, Lesson Plans, Next Generation Science Standards

Grade Band: High School, Higher Education, Middle School

Subject(s): Engineering, Math, Science, Technology

Ardusat is a learning experience platform combining student-friendly hardware kits with web-based lesson plans.

In each experiment, students use Ardusat to build, code, and show off what they’ve learned. This isn’t a run-of-the-mill lecture or a project that takes two months. Every single experiment can be done in a class period or two, giving students plenty of building experience.

Ardusat designed the experiments around Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and other educational standards. The hands-on approach to learning STEM via sensor kits and software does more than meet rigorous standards. It inspires students to understand how these subjects work in the real world and to think like scientists by developing critical thinking, problem-solving, scientific and digital literacy skills they’ll need throughout their lives. And when students get excited, teachers win.

Ardusat creates hands-on STEM experiences for the classroom by providing open curriculum resources mapped to national and state standards and an Experiment Platform for students to build experiments and share their findings. The experimental resources that are provided range from using an Arduino and sensors, to collecting data from high-altitude balloons, and even running experiments on satellites in space. For more information about Ardusat, visit the website.

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