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Resource Type(s): Equipment, Lesson Plans

Grade Band: High School, Middle School

Subject(s): Computer Science, Engineering, Making, Technology

The Arduino website provides instructions for their circuit boards and shields, including retired models. The Arduino Software can be used online or downloaded, and allows users to write programs and upload them to boards.

The site includes vast educational resources, such as Creative Technologies in the Classroom 101. This program consists of a toolbox with 26 projects and easy-to-assemble experiments, an online platform, and guided training/support for educators. The program, tailored for ages 13 to 17, has 5 modules and introduces students to the foundations of programming and basic coding, Arduino boards and digital signals, analog signals and serial communication, robotics, power systems and motors, wireless communication via Bluetooth and advanced sensors. There is also a paid monthly subscription varying in price depending on the size of the school.

The Arduino At Heart product line ranges from virtual reality controllers and automotive interfaces to robot kits designed to make learning fun and easy for young children and beginners. The site also provides a reference for the Arduino coding language and an official multi-language forum

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