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The Amgen Foundation has renewed its partnership with Carnegie Academy for Science Education to bring the Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE) to local high school classrooms as part of a $10.5 million investment in the longstanding science education program. For nearly 30 years, ABE has empowered high school science teachers to implement real-world biotechnology labs in their classrooms, helping their students better understand science and how it influences their daily lives. Building on program’s success, Amgen and Carnegie Academy for Science Education will engage D.C. high school students with proven hands-on science labs.

The three-week in-class lab initiative provides teacher professional development, teaching materials, and research-grade equipment to classrooms to immerse students in the concepts and techniques scientists use to discover and develop medicines.The program features a hands-on molecular biology curriculum designed to introduce students to the excitement of scientific discovery.

To learn more about the Amgen Biotech Experience, please watch this informative video or visit this website. The Summer Institute for teachers to become involved with this program will launch in Summer 2018.

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