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Antarctica is a tough place for any critter to make its living. The continent is one of the coldest, driest, and windiest places on Earth. But nestled among the moss and the rocks of the Antarctica Peninsula lives a tough little fly with amazing adaptations. We invite students, teachers, community members, and science enthusiasts to join them as they travel to Palmer Station, Antarctica to learn more about how Belgica antarctica survives harsh polar conditions.

A Fly on the Pole is the official educational outreach website for the Palmer Station 2017 Antarctic research expedition. Help them countdown the days till we depart on our polar adventure by exploring this website and following the outreach blog! The website will be updated daily – with breathtaking photos, movies, and personal accounts of the Antarctic expedition. There are also a variety of educational resources on the site for PreK-12 including lesson plans, labs and videos.

Click here to visit the website or follow them at Twitter or Facebook @aflyonthepole.

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