The DC STEM Network manages the DC STEM Fair, and sends the top three high school winners to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF). The DC delegation competed against competed against students in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for 2018 Intel ISEF. This is part one of three student experiences from the top three winners of the Secondary DC STEM Fair 2018. This first guest blog is from Everett Reed from Washington Mathematics Science Technology Public Charter High School.

The first day of Intel ISEF was amazing! Since we first arrived, it was like all of Pittsburgh was a welcome party. There were welcome signs on store doors and at the airport. There were projects left and right that intrigued me when we arrived at the convention center. I had a chance to meet so many new people from around the world through the pin exchange. The food and atmosphere were very welcoming. Everyone had a smile on their face and was filled with team spirit.

The second day of Intel ISEF was great. We had a tasty breakfast at a place in the hotel called “The Three Rivers” and walked along the waterfront. It had an incredible view that was perfect for pictures. Then, went to the convention center to finish setting up our projects. Later that day, we had dinner at the convention center and attended the opening ceremony. There was great music and inspiring speeches. Also, there was an international shoutout where people from 81 different countries got on stage to hold their signs and represent their countries.

The third day was loads of fun! In the morning we went to the convention center for media day. Next, we went to see the Excellence in Science and Technology Panel which was very interesting because of the numerous questions being asked. Later that night was the mixer. Everyone was dancing and having the time of their lives. There was one for  students and one for adults.

The next day was the anticipated judging day. Later that day after judging we went over to Heinz Field for dinner.  Once we had enjoyed enough of stadium activities, we walked across the street to the Carnegie Science Center. There we had dessert and got a chance to interact with all of the incredible machinery they had as well as see a miniature moving model of Pittsburg.


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