The DC STEM Network is looking for your feedback! There are three working groups for 2018.

  • Increase family awareness of STEM. Working group will plan and convene focus group of families across the District to identify best ways to increase awareness of and engagement in STEM.
  • Increase STEM advocacy. Working group will identify the best way for partners (educators, education leaders, policymakers), families, and/or youth to advocate for STEM in DC.
  • Increase access to making in DC. Working group will identify opportunities for making and create a plan for increasing access to making in DC.

Interested in joining a working group or giving feedback? Fill out the form to give feedback or still get notified when the group begins. You may join the Network as an individual, or as a representative of a school, organization, or company.

2018 Strategies

Thank you for your interest in joining a working group! Please fill out the form below and a member of the DC STEM Network will reach out to you with next steps.
  • To recognize the effort of working group members, each prospective member will be asked to sign a partnership agreement. Please select the statement that applies to you. An individual member is a partner who is not representing their school, organization, or company at Network meetings.

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