The DC STEM Network is looking for your feedback! There are three potential strategies for 2018.

  • Increase access to STEM internships. Working group will identify STEM internships, and create goal for STEM internships in DC. Goals are based on participants in working group, and can include increasing the number of internships, training STEM supervisors, or creating resources for students seeking internships.
  • Increase family awareness of STEM. Working group will plan and convene focus group of families across the District to identify best ways to increase awareness of and engagement in STEM.
  • Increase STEM advocacy. Working group will identify the best way for partners (educators, education leaders, policymakers), families, and/or youth to advocate for STEM in DC.
  • Increase access to making in DC. Working group will identify opportunities for making and create a plan for increasing access to making in DC.

Interested in joining a working group or giving feedback? Fill out the form to give feedback or still get notified when the group begins. You may join the Network as an individual, or as a representative of a school, organization, or company.

2018 Strategies

Thank you for your interest in joining a working group! Please fill out the form below and a member of the DC STEM Network will reach out to you with next steps.
  • To recognize the effort of working group members, each prospective member will be asked to sign a partnership agreement. Please select the statement that applies to you. An individual member is a partner who is not representing their school, organization, or company at Network meetings.

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