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Subject(s): Engineering, Math, Science, Technology

The CDC’s Percy Julian Institute (PJI) was created to increase the representation of minorities, particularly African Americans, in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) careers. The PJI exposes middle school students and their parents to STEM experiences and to opportunities available in (STEM) fields. Because Medicine is a very prominent career area, the PJI focuses its Program on STEMM with the second M standing for Medicine.

The Percy Julian Institute STEM Program has three components and is developing a fourth. First, the General STEM Program is conducted with selected middle schools in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area and provides hands-on, out of class experiences at events across the STEM spectrum and facilitates student-STEM professional interactions.

Second, the Medical STEM Program focuses on medical careers including healthcare, research, and engineering. During medically -focused STEMM events, the students are exposed to an extraordinary opportunity to meet leading scientists, explore careers in medicine, and explore the resources of the world’s largest biomedical library. Medically -focused STEM events are sometimes conducted in partnership with Mentoring In Medicine, Inc.

Third, the STEM/Robotics Program is open to any student aged 6-17 to learn about Robotics and simulators and their underlying STEM principles for competitions and exhibits.It teaches basic and intermediate robotics with an emphasis on the principles and STEM concepts underlying robotics design, construction, and programming. The program also incorporates participation in competitions and basic understanding of the business and entrepreneurial aspects of robotics careers. All students in the Program are provided memberships into the CDC’s National Society of Black Engineers, Jr. Chapter.

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