Geraldine Gooding

Geraldine Gooding is a STEM professional with over 12 years of experience. She is currently the Manager of Strategic Projects, PreK-12 and Diversity Activities at the American Society for Engineering Education in Washington, DC. In this role, she serves Pre-K educators and helps to provide the resources they need to successfully teach engineering. She also works on projects to help increase the number of engineering faculty, especially from underrepresented populations. In addition, Ms. Gooding teaches an after-school enrichment class where she uses Lego bricks to help students in grades 1-3 understand basic structural engineering principles. Prior to working at ASEE, Ms. Gooding worked in the architecture and engineering fields as a project manager for conceptual development of schools, military facilities, recreational facilities, and administrative buildings. Her passion has always been to increase interest in engineering among young people.

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